BACK IN USSR,  When I was nine,  I received my first camera  and printed my first  photo  in the dark room.  The IMAGE was of a soccer ball cutting through air.   the process of photography had ME HOOKED right there and then.


graphic trail  of  reflections  and the pursuit of a perfect angle.


Few cameras later, I made it to  New York  to assist photographers i respect - Bruce weber, Mikael Jansson, Solve Sundsbo, Steven Klein.


My photos are my eye witnesses.


The ongoing series of films is a collaboration with my co-conspirator and wife Marie-Cerise [].

Made in the setting of New York City, they are inviting the viewer to enter the world of stolen moments. The visual shorts are meditations on poetics of every day.


Picture is worth a thousand words.  Inspired, I am in the process of writing my first screen play.  Full feature film is an igniting look into a window in time and life of two   New Yorkers   in the 1960’s.


I keep shooting.  see you soon...